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If you want to reduce the size of you eyeballs quite lining the inner rims/under eye

This is one of my favorite looks that i created on my self a long time ago,i was particular  about achieving the bright under look with a lighter shade of powder or even regular talc powder, i achieved my nude lips with foundation and a little gloss(u will have to try this a few times to know what lip gloss won't react with your foundation. I also took out time to fill in my brows as that will be the most obvious  element of my makeup and i finished up my look with the winged eyeliner style. Am sure you will find it easy too.

NB....Nike is for you

beautycooked.....tope wright jolaosho

As soon as the monthly environmental sanitation was over i headed out to abule -egba to meet this stunning bride that happened to be my high school and dormitory mate in tiger house.

I was emotionally attached to this bride and here was the result.


These are some past brides from my achieves,that i tot to share




This is your girl reporting from The Republic of Ghana.

I got to this beautiful country just yesterday and I have been blown away by the things I have seen thus far, my flight was smooth and short so my fun started immediately from the airport where I started clicking away my lenses so I don't miss any detail of the things that fascinated me.

Here are my views, enjoy;

PHEW!....I finally found my roots (just kidding), I felt at home here especially because of my complexion I blended in very well, as I now understood why people often ask me if I was Ghanaian, I was finally in a place where being dark was not a taboo *rolling my eyes*.  Ghanaians are very warm and hospitable.

Omo! Come and see the heavy backside of these babes that got me steering and jealous as a chic, I pity the guys o, if you know what I mean.

The guys are not too different from our naija guys but they move around in boxer shorts in the name of sagging (very irritating indeed, yack!)

WOW! WOW!! The environment is so calm and neat and you can feel they are not in a hurry to do things unlike my naija peeps o, every thing seems so deliberate and organized.

Cars are smaller in Ghana unlike their backside and I hear my naija brothers drive 80% of the big cars. They take their time to clean and maintain their cars especially the taxis, they look like they just came out of the show room, they pay special attention to their wheel covers and tyres *na wa o*

Am yet to notice high fashion on their streets compared to Lagos where girls look like they just walked out of EBONY MAGAZINE. Their general out look is casual with bright colored clothes. Let me add that colored jelly sandals are so in for them.  

Yeppy! I am so excited about this, the Ghanaians are so hot on grilled foods so am so loving this place o my dear, I have had grilled chicken and gizzard and I totally love it. I noticed they love good food as well because one is constantly harassed with the sight of fast food kiosks, the deliberate artistic display of food is eye catching, they also have good roadside advert. The most common food here is the benku, kenke and fish. I am yet to have a taste of it.

Let me add that I had Nigeria food here at "mama oluchi" I had fufu and bitter leave soup as I was scared of tasting the local delicacy just yet.

Display of food and fruits are done in an artistic and irresistible manner.

Just like their dress sense they are yet to embrace good application techniques for make up but one thing caught my eyes, very obvious lip color I saw was in pink.

Pictures below, but the gist continues

                                                            outside the airport

                                                           my arrival

                                                      tourist me

                                                         airport road

                                                    i noticed this too at the ACCRA MALL
                                                      See how they served me pineapple, i was thrilled o

                                                            clean Ghana roads


Found this on a site and felt i should share

The importance of eyebrows can not be ignored both on male and female.

This can easily be achieved by either consulting a professional brow stylist like my self or DIY,with the following tools

  • tweezers
  • razor
  • waxing
  • threading
All you will need to keep them in shape are

  • brow stencils...where needed
  • brow pencil in matching shades
  • brow powder
  • brow gel
  • brow brush

So just follow the illustration as picture above and send me ur result......XOXO Omon

Mums day out

Here is a look i did for my mum today,i could not help but share.

Did i mention that my mum has been my muse from the very moment i fell in love with make up and i see how much i have evolved and mastered my art from past pictures.



  Let me also add that i learnt how to work matured skin from doing my mums makeup,for older people  less is more.   I also warned her to stay clear blue and green eyeshadow as they tend to reveal their draping eyelids, concealer under the eye is a must *love you more*


                                                    Gbemisola nee Owolabi
Transforming Gbemi was not a pleasure ride, but the stunning outcome just soothes the ache. CONGRATS DOLL...... 


 Finally i get the courage  and chance to do this,*i mean start writing on my blog*.

I Love to express my self but am not a gifted writer so please pardon some of my jargons you may find here ,after all idea is need*in Jenifa's voice*.

Lets get started....

My name is Omontese Akhetuamen, a makeup artist and hair stylist by default, i mean self taught o.

I have practiced hair styling and braiding like all my life,so much that it found its way into my report sheet back in  secondary school days.
My love for makeup can  be traced back to 7years back and at this stage there is no going back on our love affair.

I am a graduate of mass-communication from University of lagos ,Lagos- Nigeria,by his grace i own and run a fast rising and well acclaimed  professional beauty business called BEAUTYCOOK STUDIO.

I have attended a few post graduate certificate courses that are related to my passion and business
  • Daystar leadership academy (basic)DLA
  • BMPRO 2 days master class
  • Lise beauty range 2 days master class
  • Lash-on semi-permanent eyelashes class by olawunmi Damiro

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