Posted by : Unknown November 04, 2013

How come you know what suits everyone ?

It comes with experience and knowledge on the job 

Can I have the same style of gele like me friend's ?

The outcome of any gele is determined by the following factors,
  : length and breath of the gele
  :texture of the fabric
  :size of the client's  head 
  : hair style the client has on 
  : the occasion 
  : shape of the clients face 
  : design on the gele e.g sequin 

Why do I need a makeup artist?
We always need a second opinion and because we do makeup for a living 

How come makeup artist don't smile?

We are simply there to work and need all the concentration . That's what you paid us to do .

How come we don't use all your favorite products you see on editor's pick . 
We have a very peculiar climate (humid ) in Nigeria with forces us to keep researching for products that will keep shine away ,withstand heat and work perfect for our skin and colour . 
 May I also add that the most expensive makeup product may not necessarily work for YOU. 

Why do makeup artist carry all that product around ?

So we won't be found wanting .

Why do most MUAS not wear makeup on them selves ?
We would rather put it on you and get paid *wink 

Is makeup Artisty profitable ?
Yes ? It's a career and a job 
Why do you carry a pro camera around , 

To keep record of our beautiful clients in pictures . Secondly in other to capture our  application and colour in their exact form . It's also helps us to make correction on the job if need be 

Why did you bring your chair . Is it not too high?
Better judgement is made with eyelevel.
To prevent back ache and to keep us in business with an upright back 

How do I book Beautycook for my event?
:Find and admire our jobs 
:Send us a mail on or call 08055519211 
 :we will reply you with prices and our 'terms and conditions' 
 : your deposit binds you to the terms and conditions 
 : book your trial date 
 :see you on your big day 

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